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Built Environment (BE) Demo Day 2021 - Meet the 9 Start-Ups!

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

The BE Demo Day is an opportunity to hear promising innovators pitch their emerging technologies and solutions, and to network with other corporates and investors in the ecosystem. This year, 9 start-ups across diverse domains will be featured. An esteemed panel of judges will also bring their expertise and perspectives to the event. They will be awarding start-ups that bring the most 'Impact' and 'Innovation' to the industry, not forgetting a special award for the 'Rising Star' that recognizes innovators under pre-Series A or below.

Date: 10 September 2021 (Friday)

Time: 9.30am - 12.30pm (GMT +8)

Venue: Online (register here for complimentary access)

Meet the Judges


VRcollab boosts BIM's viability by making it more collaborative, usable and scalable for all stakeholders - allowing cross-border, cross-discipline collaboration, while helping users become more confident and take full advantage of digital tools regardless of their role, capacity or skill. VRcollab is also committed to spurring innovation and advancement among industry stakeholders by leading deeper conversations and considerations.

VRcollab has SaaS users globally from 32 countries. VRcollab has also been used in built projects back home in Singapore, ranging from underground MRT stations, prefabricated public housing, data centres, healthcare infrastructure and smart office buildings to name a few. Beyond its SaaS product, VRcollab also works closely with thought leaders to develop innovative solutions using its proprietary algorithms and understanding of BIM to further the envelop of what is possible.


Doxa is a local fintech start-up helping to connect buyers, suppliers and financiers seamlessly through our best-in-class global enterprise collaborative trade platform, Doxa Connex. Incorporated in Jan 2019, it has grown almost 10 times in size and serves customers across various industries. Notable clients include:

  • DBS Bank

  • OCBC Bank

  • GuocoLand

  • Tiong Seng

  • Kimly Construction


Novade is the leading construction management software for the building and construction industry in APAC. Site processes including quality, safety, progress monitoring, workforce management and maintenance are digitalized and automated using mobile devices. The data captured provides insights to streamline operations and drive results. Founded in 2014, Novade is headquartered in Singapore and operates globally.

Leading contractors, real estate developers, owners and operators around the world trust Novade to drive their digital transformation. In Singapore, 9 out of 10 property developers and 70% of A1 contractors use Novade.


Operva AI is a Singapore-based technology company that helps asset construction and maintenance professionals build and maintain smarter, 4x faster and 100% safer. Using cutting-edge AI and robotics technology, we build a suite of AI digital solutions ranging from smart drone inspections and construction process management. With a humble beginning at a venture builder, Operva AI was born out of genuine passion and capabilities amongst the founders, to make the Built Environment a safer and smarter space. They have worked with renowned developers, contractors and hotel organisations such as GuocoLand, Penta-Ocean and China Construction.


Oceania Robotics is one of Southeast Asia's leading provider of ruggedized industrial maintenance robots for ship maintenance, pest control industries and vertical landscaping. We deliver a comprehensive suite of professional robotics services to niche customers across Asia.


Argyle is a Singapore company that was formed by two co-founders from the local construction industry, James Hadden and Jessy Foo. The company started providing 3D digital construction services in 2016 and has successfully scanned and 3D-modelled over 1mil square meters of building and infrastructure assets in Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines. The Argyle team has used autonomous and remotely-controlled robotics, the latest 3D-scanning equipment and software to provide affordable and fast 3D site verification, construction animations as well as provide accurate digital models of property assets under management.


Widuz is developing a new class of renewable and sustainable material called BVL (bamboo veneer lumber), which is a high-performance patented structural lumber synthesized from bamboo fibres. BVL is up to 3x stronger than timber while it is not susceptible to any decay or degradation, and is much more dimensionally stable. BVL is suitable for construction of modular prefab buildings in place of other non-renewable construction materials such as concrete and steel. Widuz has signed LOIs with a couple of potential customers, ranging from private companies to government agencies in Singapore, Australia and Cambodia.


BtrLyf (pronounced 'better life') is an AI-enabled green 'assessment-as-a-service' platform that makes performance assessment of buildings easy and automated through digitalization. Developed through years of research, the approach combines building physics, machine-learning and collaborative technologies to enable co-creation of sustainable buildings by involving the building owners, consultants, solution providers and financiers at every stage of green project development. Offered as a SaaS tool, BtrLyf enhances access to relevant data, improves productivity, and reduces costs and risks, in order to accelerate sustainable development of the Built Environment ecosystem. Notable clients include DBS Bank, Singtel Mercatus, Fraser Hospitality, JTC and the Philippines Department of Energy.


Digital Blue Foam is a team of architects, urban planners, software engineers, data scientists and sustainability enthusiasts who have come together with the mission of making technology accessible for everyone to build more sustainable, equitable, liveable and intelligent cities. At Digital Blue Foam, we empower the building industry professionals to design, mine, generate and execute better building projects faster - real-time in the browser, saving 75% time, while achieving superior results. Notable clients include the Design and Innovation Dubai Institute, Shanghai as well as the Pelli Clark Pelli Architects, NYXO Visionary Design.

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