• Justin Lim

Driving Open Innovation in the Built Environment Sector

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

The Building and Construction Authority (BCA) had put out a challenge statement in July last year via IMDA's Open Innovation Platform (OIP) to source for tech solutions to manage COVID-19 screening and contact tracing at construction sites. Since there were no existing digital solutions to enable this for construction environments, BCA had partnered industry stakeholders such as Boustead Singapore and Kajima to leverage open innovation for the development of such solutions.

Boustead had awarded S$50,000 to TraceSafe Asia-Pacific whereas Kajima similarly awarded S$50,000 to TagBox and Nervotec respectively for the development of the solutions, and early results have shown promise. Further developmental works are underway.

Close collaboration between public agencies and leveraging effective platforms and network to source for and develop new solutions to meet the sector's needs is key in catalyzing sustained investments in research and innovation. Companies within the Built Environment space can approach BCA and IMDA to explore opportunities to pursue open innovation.

Read more on TraceSafe, TagBox and Nervotec's solutions here:


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