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Inaugural Urban Sustainability R&D e-Symposia 2021

National Development Minister Desmond Lee launched the inaugural Urban Sustainability R&D e-Symposia on 26 Mar 2021, in the first of a series of webinars that will take place over a year. This webinar series will be held in place of the biennial Urban Solutions and Sustainability R&D Congress due to Covid-19.

Several key initiatives were announced, including a new S$25 million research programme on marine climate change, which is part of the Government's S$25 billion RIE2025 plans. Also announced was a joint initiative by HDB and A*STAR to develop a 5G-enabled Smart Construction concept.

In forging closer partnerships between the Government agencies, research community and the industry, the Built Environment Technology Alliance, BETA (that's us!) as well as the Built Environment Living Lab Framework (BE LLF) were cited as examples.

Read more on Minister Desmond Lee's opening address here:

Photo: A*STAR, Straits Times

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